Pokemon Parallels: Part One

With Pokémon turning 20 this February, I thought it would be prudent to look back on our collective experiences as a generation with the game. For those of you who stopped playing Pokémon, including me, sometime between ages 11 and 14, they are still making games! Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced on February 26 of this year, and these will mark the 24th and 25th editions of the main game series. Emerald was the last game I played, so forgive me if the format of the game has changed, but coming from a 90’s kid who loved the games as a kid, here is why I believe that Pokémon is the best metaphor for life (in terms of the first 150). 

Pikachu: The part of you that slowly grows up and is always around, but is difficult to truly evolve to your final self.

Charmander: First time you ever got really excited about something as a kid. Starts as a small flame, but slowly builds to an inferno. 

Squirtle: The little troublemaker inside of all of us. And the part of you that makes you think, “Do I look good in these sunglasses or what?”

Bulbasaur: Any person that votes for Trump. 

Caterpie: Being a sixth grader in middle school, freshman in high school/college. Not an easy experience, but it gets better. I promise. We’ve all been Caterpie at some point.


Metapod: Literally a direct metaphor for transformation through school. 

Butterfree: Wearing graduation robes. Scoring the game winner. Your first kiss. Essentially the first time you’ve ever had a third-evolution type experience. 

Weedle: Going through puberty.

Kakuna: Not talking in class for two years because your voice cracks all of the time.

Beedrill: Losing your virginity.

Ekans: Puberty again?

Arbok: Too many dick jokes.

Pidgey: Trying out for your first club, sports team, etc. Trying to take flight for the first time.

Pidgeotto: Really becoming involved, becoming a solid member of a community.

Pidgeot: Becoming the captain, president, basically the pinnacle. Or getting really high. You can pick the serious or the jokey answer, it’s up to you.

Vulpix: Hottest girl in class.

Ninetales: Hottest teacher in the school.

Raichu: Becoming an adult. I know it’s hard, but we all have to do it.

Now here’s for the fun part! I did the first 18, but now it’s your job in the reddit comments to pick which ones we do next week for part 2! You can either just submit names for new Pokémon or you can submit which Pokémon reminds you of what!

Colin Johnson