The 7 Twitch Moderators You’ll Have

Your First: This moderator is one that is more of an award to the one person that decided to believe in you at the beginning. First might stick around and be a great mod for the rest of your life, or just drift away like some kind of magic fairy that was only there to help you launch your channel. But one thing is for certain, you'll always remember your First.


The Best Friend: This is your IRL best friend, who you somehow convinced to jump on Twitch to watch you struggle through trying to learn how to talk to a camera as if you were not a crazy person. But BF is the one that will always be around, and will have his PC, phone, and laptop open on different accounts just to get you those three extra views and will also be the one to come over to your house to celebrate when you finally get that sub button. Thank you BF.


The Troll: This unique type of mod will be one that is either your girlfriends little brother or a very clever troll that has played the long con on you and your chat. He seems like a nice guy at first, but at the moment where you show him any kind of acceptance, he's off. It might start as the little things, like skipping good songs or banning a regular, but it will end with a monstrous blowup between the two of you where he finally mentions that mole on your neck that everyone just pretends isn't there. Hey ya know what fuck you, GearsFan199. Sorry, that got kind of personal. But I think I got my point across.


The Bot: The most powerful tool in any streamers arsenal, the Bot is your savior in a lot of ways that makes your life a lot easier. Whether it's Moo or Night, the Bot will never leave you, and will always have your back.


The Hype: This guy was also a club promotor in his day, and knows how to hype up your chat. The only reason Hype is in your chat is probably because he needs another outlet for his insane amount of energy. And you know that when you ask someone to bring the hype, this guy is there for you. He most likely doesn't just operate in your stream, but that's okay because he's harmless enough. Make sure to invest in a Red Bull care package, because Hype is the lifeblood of your chat.


The ProMod: There are many rumors about ProMod. Some say he used to a celebrity bodyguard. Others say he mods for three different top streamers, at the same time. I heard he modded Trump's stream back in the day. But one thing is for sure, PM knows what he is doing. He knows when to be kind and helpful, and when to bring the hammer. A consummate professional, PM has his shit together and will make sure you do as well.


You: The ultimate control of the stream, you are the sheriff while your deputies control the rest of the land. Twitch is a pretty great place, and it takes many sorts to make your stream what it is. So from the lurkers to the trolls, thanks from the streamer.

Colin Johnson