Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is probably going to be the best Superhero film this year. I do not see any film to debut this year that will fare better than this film, either box office or critical praise. This film will no doubt thrill both general and superhero audiences with its superb action balanced with connected storylines and gut busting humor. I mean, for a film about the Avengers fighting each other, this film has tons of humor! The best part of the film for me was to see nearly every major Marvel character make its debut in the film. This film is pretty much another Avengers film. In fact, it contains twice as many main characters. I will try my best to review this film with as few spoilers as possible!

What surprised me about this film was its depth of meaning. It is not just a film about good and evil. Throughout the film, the audience will have to decide which side they are on. After a terrible accident by the Avengers, the different governments around the world unite to stop them, and this causes an internal divide between the Avengers members. Hence the title Civil War. However, there is not an easy side to choose. Depending on each Avenger’s beliefs, they freely choose sides. This situation is especially similar to the internal divide in America today, and that is one reason why the film will find its way to the hearts of many. It is quite a political film, not to say that the political tone makes it good or bad. Depending on your political views or whether or not you have any could influence your opinion of the film. However, even though the film is influenced by diplomacy, the film allows you to essentially pick your own side as well. Civil War does not lean too much in one direction. This truly allows you to pick your own side without feeling neglected by the end of the film.

Captain America: Civil War is not a typical Superhero story by any means. It’s not a recycled origin story about a man discovering his powers, finding a woman, and balancing between both worlds. It shows a dark side that involves death to innocent human people being one of the focal points of the story. In fact, this is one of the major issues that divides the Avengers. One side wants freedom to protect the world while the other side supports guidelines. It involves realistic conflicts that reside in many people, and the fact that these conflicts exist in a Superhero film help build a bridge between the fantastical world of Superheroes and the real world that humanity strives to improve. Its philosophical tone is striking at times, and this is something that is not always present in a Superhero film. I welcomed it, and a lot of audiences will do the same because it offers something new to a genre that is repetitive at times.

The humor in this film is another element that surprised me greatly. This is one of the funniest Marvel films I have seen, perhaps mostly due to its star studded cast. The fact that it has so many Marvel characters is the main reason why it is so funny. More characters equals more laughs. Each character has the ability to bring its own quirkiness to the film, and each character gets its time to do so. One character that many audiences will like is of course Spiderman, acted by Tom Holland. His teenage like character is hilarious to watch as he battles with some of the strongest characters of the Marvel Universe. Another likable character is Sam Wilson, a dedicated friend to Captain America that also has snarky one liners that don’t fail to induce laughter.

My one complaint with the film is that the civil war seems forced between the characters. As much as I enjoyed a lot of the Marvel characters duking it out on the big screen, I felt it was unnecessary and unrealistic to recruit all of the characters for one fight. The battle was entertaining but awkward as the characters were trying to find the right balance between actually fighting each other and simply joking. Many of the characters were not serious during the fight scenes, and while I understand the idea that they do not want to hurt each other, I kept wondering why they were fighting to begin with if they were not passionate about the side they were fighting for. However, the constant hilarity that ensued during the fight distracted me from this flaw, and the distraction was both welcome yet questioned. While the fight may not have been dramatic as I would have liked, the humor route was certainly enjoyable.

Overall, Captain America: Civil War is a film that every movie fan should see. I promise I don’t say this about every film I review, but I guess I have been seeing good films lately! With its interesting characters and philosophical tone, Captain America: Civil War adds new elements to the Superhero universe that will even impress those who are not avid Superhero fans. This film deserves an A.

aron Miller