Five Best Actors/Actresses Without Oscars

The Academy Awards is believed to be the place where the best of the best Hollywood and non-Hollywood members gather to celebrate the cream of the crop when it pertains to the movie industry. Many categories are celebrated and sometimes fans feel certain performers are snubbed of the nomination or award. Many big name actors and actresses have an Oscar or perhaps more than one Oscar, but there are also big name actors/actresses out there who are successful but Oscar-less. That does not necessarily mean that the Oscar actors are better than the Oscar-less actors. Some of those big name actors without Oscars happen to deliver awesome performances during years when the competition is fierce. So today, I am saluting my top five actors/actresses who have not yet acquired the legendary golden statue.

Harrison Ford – There are three main reasons why he is number one on this list (also number one in my heart). First of all, he is one of the biggest actors Hollywood has seen. Secondly, he has played so many iconic roles throughout his career (Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Rick Deckard from Blade Runner). Thirdly, and I think this at least solidifies his position on this list, he has only been nominated for one Oscar in his entire career (Witness 1985). Everyone else on this list has been nominated for at least two. However, this does not change my opinion about him, whatsoever, and I don’t think anyone else will feel much different. The only problem Ford faces in acquiring an Oscar is the amount of time he has left until he retires, considering he is 73. However, he looks rather good for his age, so maybe he will land a few more solid roles that will up his chances in winning one in the next five to ten years.

Johnny Depp – I know he has gotten a lot of grief for the rather not-so-serious/goofy roles he has accepted lately, but he does indeed have some roles on his resume that deserve recognition. Most known for his appearance as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp has also gained recognition for his performances in movies such as Sweeney Todd and Finding Neverland, both of which he has been Oscar nominated. To be honest, it is surprising he has not yet won an Oscar considering the sheer amount of movies he has been in since the launch of his career. However, his rather young age (52 years old) also has to be taken into consideration. He still has a considerable amount of time to win an Oscar before he retires. Heck, maybe he will finally get an Oscar in 2017 from the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise!

Will Smith – There is something about Will Smith’s persona that just draws you into his character right away and makes you truly empathize with him. This man has had numerous different roles ranging from a cocky sidekick in Men in Black to a loving and hardworking father from The Pursuit of Happyness. Both of these characters are lovable because of Will Smith’s determination to make every role worthwhile to him and the audience. Being nominated for Best Actor in Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith is another talented actor who is just waiting and waiting for his year. I particularly thought he delivered an Oscar worthy performance from the Pursuit of Happyness, but Oscar winner Forest Whitaker was formidable that year as well in The Last King of Scotland. Will Smith’s charisma will be a catalyst on his journey for an Oscar winning performance, and I would say that out of all of the actors/actresses on this list, he would stand the best chance in attaining an Oscar.

Tom Cruise – A man with a huge reputation in Hollywood, Tom Cruise is a well-respected actor with a lot of personality. He has that notable hotshot mentality in performances like A Few Good Men and Top Gun. Surprisingly, Tom Cruise is without the coveted seven inch golden statue. He was not Oscar nominated for his performances in Top Gun, A Few Good Men, or even the Mission Impossible series. Instead, he was nominated for Best Actor in Jerry Maguire and Born on the Fourth of July, and for Best Supporting Actor in Magnolia. Tom Cruise is such a well-known name in Hollywood that I think he deserves to have an Oscar solely based on his celebrity profile! In all seriousness, he does deserve one and I think he can land some solid roles in the near future. Tom Cruise still has time!

Sigourney Weaver – I can remember the first time I saw Sigourney Weaver on the television, but she didn’t look too happy to be on there! Of course, this is because she and her crew were being mercilessly hunted down by an awful looking alien in her stunning 1979 performance in Ridley Scott’s Alien! She was even Oscar nominated for James Cameron’s sequel Aliens, which was an even stronger, more headstrong, performance by Weaver in my opinion. Along with this movie, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Working Girl and Best Actress in Gorillas in the Mist. What makes her such a great actor is the depth to her characters. Not only is she a headstrong and determined woman, she has a motherly side to her, as seen in Aliens, when she serves as a mother figure to a lost child. I think, because of this, the academy will one day notice the depth and duality to her performances and recognize that she deserves one. 

Aaron Miller